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Courtney Smith & Co. Stock Selection Approach

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We do this through the exhaustive study of stock market timing indicators. These include the major factors that affect the market, such as:

The economy Monetary policy and interest rates Valuation Market breadth Stock Market trends Sentiment

We have identified about three dozen key indicators that have had a persistent and powerful influence on the market through this century. We have discovered this through statistical studies of the impact of each of the indicators on the stock market. The individual market indicators are tested for reliability and strength. Several hundred indicators were tested over this century and especially since World War II before selecting the most powerful indicators that we use today.

This testing process is never finished. We are constantly monitoring the veracity of our current market indicators and look for better ones. Please see our chapter from the recent book Fundamental Analysis (Jack Schwager, John Wiley & Sons, 1995). This gives a good idea of the type of market indicators that we use.

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Courtney Smith & Co. Stock Selection Approach
Courtney Smith & Co. Stock Selection Approach Courtney Smith & Co. Stock Selection Approach

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