Stock Selection Approach by Courtney Smith and Company - Stock selection is an important part of stock market success.

stock selection

~ Stock Selection ~

With our stock selection process we look for stocks that provide the best elements of value and growth investment. Specifically, our stock selection involves looking for stocks with the following qualities:

Low P/E
Low price/book value
Low price/cash flow
Strong cash flow
Low debt/equity
Low capital expenditures and working capital needs relative to cash flow
Strong and preferably accelerating earnings growth
Strong and preferably accelerating cash flow growth
Excellent management
Insider buying or stock buybacks
Strong competitive advantages

Obviously, there are few companies that can leap our high stock selection standards. We usually have a list of companies that meet these criteria of less than 30 stocks.

Once again, special situation stocks will not necessarily fit in these criteria and take a more artistic approach to finding.

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stock selection
stock selection stock selection

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